‘Help, I’ve been shot!’

TRAGEDY: Wolfram Ebel stands on the N14 highway in Johannesburg where his friend was shot to death. (Herman Verwey, Beeld)

19/01/2009 22:59 – (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria – From underneath his broken-down car on the N14 highway, Wolfram Ebel heard his friend, who had come to help him, shout: “Leave me alone, leave me alone!”

Then Ebel heard a shot and Dieter Furrutter shouted: “Help, help, I’ve been shot!”

Furrutter, owner of Dieter Car Sales in Randburg, died on the scene. He was in his 60s.

According to Ebel, also in his 60s, his Jeep started giving trouble on the N14 highway at about 12:00 as he was travelling in the direction of Pretoria, said police spokesperson Constable Patricia Simelane.

Leaking oil and water

He was on his way to Swaziland when the vehicle gave out about a kilometre from the R511 offramp at the Diepsloot squatter camp. The Jeep was leaking oil and water.

Ebel called Furrutter, from whom he had bought the vehicle a while ago, and asked him for assistance.

“While he was waiting, Ebel crawled under his vehicle to try and find out what was wrong,” Simelane said.

“While he was underneath the vehicle, he heard the deceased park his car near his. A few seconds later he heard Furrutter arguing with people.

“Furrutter shouted: ‘Leave me alone, leave me alone!’

“Then Ebel heard a shot and Furrutter shouting: ‘Help, help, I’ve been shot!’ ”

Furrutter was shot in the neck. He died next to his Mercedes-Benz.

Massive search for men

When Ebel got out from underneath the Jeep, one of the attackers grabbed and searched him.

Without assaulting him, they took his cellphone and R3  000 and fled over the highway into Diepsloot.

Simelane said Ebel wasn’t sure whether there were three or four men, but one was wearing a blue T-shirt and another a black T-shirt.

One was carrying a handgun.

A passer-by called the police after the incident.

Scores of policemen and reservists were sent into Diepsloot shortly afterwards to try and find the gang.

A police helicopter was also used in the search, but at the time of going to press the search was still on.

Ebel made a statement at the scene.

He had to watch his friend’s body being loaded into the hearse. Then he had to get back under his Jeep to try and repair it.

– Beeld



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