Dan Roodt responds to Sunday Times

Dear sir,

Your report (For Volk’s sake) portrays the 300 people attending a meeting at the Vegkop battle terrain as of one mind, being “Afrikaner right-wing dinosaurs” supporting AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

I was invited to talk about the community safety programme I am involved in, for which I was labelled a “right-wing ideologue”. I suppose if you are an AK 47-wielding militiaman barking orders in English to a septuagenarian Afrikaner granny you are about to rape and murder (as happens almost every day), the Sunday Times would call you a “left-wing angel”.

While I do not subscribe to the more racially charged pronouncements made by some of the speakers, they must surely be considered mild in comparison to the likes of “Kill a Boer, kill a farmer” regularly sung by ANC office-bearers or even the presidential “Bring me my machine gun”.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech or does it only apply to those who are antagonistic to Afrikaners and the Afrikaans language? The use of the term “dinosaur” in itself implies that all Afrikaners should by now be dead or extinct and their continued presence in this country is offensive to the majority.

However, it is also true that, regarding racial polarisation, South Africa finds itself in the slipstream of Zimbabwe and Namibia where Sam Nujoma recently said during an election campaign: “Being in the company of whites is like having a poisonous snake in your bedroom.” Nujoma also castigated those whites who criticised Robert Mugabe, saying: “Whoever meets an Englishman, should beat him to death.”

Given the extreme violence raging in our country – a race war or genocide by anyone’s definition – victims or relatives of victims are bound to react emotionally or make disparaging statements about those belonging to the perpetrator group.

South Africa is fast turning into a lunatic asylum where it is a greater crime to offend a black person’s dignity than to kill a white. Just compare the media response to the Reitz video where four black women merrily drank orange juice in a mock iniaitiation ceremony with white Afrikaner students to the case of the black taxi driver who deliberately ran down 16-year old Bernadine Kruger on a scooter, killing her in a clear act of anti-white racism.

In order to come clean on race, the ANC government should publish all statistics on interracial crimes, including murder, rape and robbery. We need to know the race of both perpetrators and victims.

Only the truth will heal us.

Dan Roodt

Source: Praag Forum


8 Responses to “Dan Roodt responds to Sunday Times”

  1. Ernest Welthagen Says:

    Unfortunately it looks like the world will forever turn a blind eye to the goings on in South Africa or Africa for that matter. I was somehow hoping that the Lion King move depicted what would happen in South Africa and that the Lions would take back the rule from the Hyenas but I don’t think it is going to happen, or not in my time anyway. I was prepared to fight for my country and mocked anyone who left or joined the chicken run as I used to call it, times changed in that I decided to leave and instead of my friends hounding me for it were envious that they could not leave. It is a sad situation, if only aids would work faster.

  2. There seems to be apathy amongst the whites to defend themselves against verbal racial slurs and reticence among moderate blacks to come to their defence. On SABC 3 Morning Live show the public is encouraged to send in their views about the designated subject of debate. The subject is usually ignored and eventually many of the comments devolve into a racial “mud slinging” Yesterday 10th December one of these comments went something like this – whites have no place in South Africa – they should be killed and their wives raped.
    Later went to a graduation ceremony at a creche(all black aids orphans) largely run by money sponsored by business and benefactors who are all white. The play depicted poor black men seeking work and a terrible white man calling them all sorts of horrible names even refusing them entry into the office during a thunder storm. Why was it necessary for the teacher to base this play on an exaggeration of what happened during apartheid? These little orphans now have an idea seeded in their brains that whites are bad. With this kind of brain-washing will reconcilliation ever take place? Maybe a telling thing being that of all the whites attending I was the only one able to talk Zulu. The interpreter sort of translated the gist but not that well. I am wring a letter of protest to the principal and will withdraw my sponsorship. Punishing the little ones for the idiotic behaviour of their teacher is harsh .

  3. Mpumalanga Says:

    I think this view is mediocre, stupid and a profound indication of how Daniel thinks low of the African black community….

    It showcases how he fictitiously think that afrikaners are holier than thou and therefore about reproach, which is bull-crap!!!!!

    Daniel pls if you cant stand to be led and instructed by a native government, simply take a small trip to enquire the ticken price to the obvious whitemen pilgrimage in australia and then you’ll live in peace and maybe there, they take lunatics seriously!!!!

  4. Mpumalanga- Ah, the trusty old “like it or leave” response. Well thought out and nicely timed. An excellent alternative to the other argument, the dreaded “race card” response.
    Keep jumping between the two and hopefully you’ll never actually have to discuss the facts.

  5. Mpumalanga Says:

    @TKB, what facts are you talking about? Dan Roodt is a person with a very confused and fanatic sense of hate towards black people, especially in South Africa…is this not fact TKB?????

    that Dan Roodt attended the Terblanch 300 boere meeting, is this not fact??

    Dan Roodt thinks Taxi Drivers are dirty pigs who do not deserve to breath oxygen, is this not fact???

    I can go on and on with the culture of hate that he’s been tryin to instill to young Afrikaaner and Im glad the younger ones do not take him and his cronny Eugine Terrblanch seriously.

    I wonder if i should read into the symbolism of Terreblanch riding a Black horse than a White one……do you understand that TKB????

  6. It is incredible that people like Mr Roodt are still published. In my mind, the damage he is doing to our country’s image and our people’s well being is equal to, or maybe worse than what young Julius Malema is doing. This man should be tried for high-treason. I am white and Afrikaans, but I am not an Afrikaner, I am a South African, with a multi-racial group of friends.

    Wake up people! Why do you still give space and attention to these dinosaurs of political gossip!

  7. Mpumalanga
    The white men teach you how to read and write. The white men teach you how to use the internet. Without the whitemen you are nothing but trash who only can rape women and babies. I shit on all your culture

  8. ernest welthagen Says:

    sue do you think the fact that you are not classing yourself as an Afikaner or having multiracial friends is going to save you from being raped or murdered I doubt it but carry on living in your stupid world. Years ago there was an item on the SABC news there were riots and people were stoning cars (people???) anyway this stupid woman leans out of her car shouting “I am British” …… yeah that helped…the distractio gave them time to pick up bigger rocks to throw… get real woman there is an old saying somehting about you can take the people out of the bush but you can’t take the bush out of the people as for suggesting they shold not publish Dan mmmm and they should publish Julius?? are you by any chance blonde???

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