Afrikaner activist Steve Hofmeyr’s letter to Julius Malema

Dear Julius

As of today I withdraw my former World Cup enthusiasm with active endorsements of all warnings to potential visitors until your leadership rebuke you as we see fit.

Tomorrow, after you’ve shot the Boere you will still be a pitiful black African living in denial of your own impotence parading as a fake achiever without contributing to the world a single original idea.

Yours is mere envy disguised as hatred as nothing you say, wear, drive and steal alas, even your idiocy, is a luxury born of this continent.

You must appeal to base sentiment as Africa has yet to yield a single intellectual, a single thought school, a single intellectual thought not inspired by the very West you and Mugabe detest.

You have been a phony from the day you set out to champion a defiance from a period you we not even born.

You are still consuming from that productive era living in the lap of luxury thanks to the taxes of the very people you want to shoot, the only tribe to sacrifice a third of its population to breath in the African air.

In history South Africans will choose to forget you when the only thing you should be remembered for is you share in the falling short of a brilliant idea: a working South Africa.

You are a black man. To be proud you must pander to white ideas: you must drive cars, live in expensive hotels, wear suits, be Christian, do unions, be Communist, wear wigs, speak English and play soccer.

Although I know better, you will enforce the stereotype of how Africans are globally viewed… with pity.

Steve Hofmeyr

Source:Steve Hofmeyr Musiek website


38 Responses to “Afrikaner activist Steve Hofmeyr’s letter to Julius Malema”

  1. E Burgins Says:

    Fucking A Steve.

    • Hi Steve,

      Ek wil net se ek haal my hoed af vir jou. Dit is nie elke Suid Afrikaner of “BOER” soos Julius Malema dit noem, wat die guts het om te doen wat jy gedoen het nie. Ons almal staan agter jou. Ons, ek en my dogter met twee klein dogtertjies, is baie alleen op die plaas en kan nie slaap nie. Mens weet nie wat aan die gebeur is buite nie.

      Ons boerevolk staan vas agter hoe jy voel en ook die mense wat op die plaas werk. Die plaasvolk is geweldig onsteld oor dit wat aan die gebeur is want hulle weet nie waarheen as die Malema-veldtogte vrugte moet aflewer nie.

      Baie dankie dat jy as iemand wat altyd in die “limelight” is doen wat jy doen vir ons boerevolk. Dit word opreg waardeer deur ons.

      Ons bid dat die Here jou sal seen en dat jy veilig en met voorspoed vorenteo sal beweeg.

      Groete vanuit Polokwane.

  2. Malinda Shamley Says:

    Well said, I have forwarded Malemas FB page here in Auckland, New Zealand and people of all races was disgusted. I will not repeat what comments I got what we should do with Malema.

  3. Christie Swart Says:

    Well done!! But I was wondering, will Julius understand everything in the letter?!

  4. Well said Steve. A thumbs up for you.

  5. you guys are as shallow as Malema, do we really need this crap when millions are suffereing (black and white) leaving in the blink poverty? Steve not you again broer, i can surely understand the publicity stunt pulled by this imbecile Malema, but where do we draw a line? I am a black South African who skipped the country, trained in the USSR, born and breed in Ventersdorp. Like many of you ek praat Afrikaans, suiwer nogal. But i love my country morethan petty politicking. I detest Malema’s convictions with every fibre in my body but it would be shallow not to extend the same gratitude to all who are competing in bad manners.

    • proud white south african female Says:

      omg u have the nerve to respond to this after u ran away to another country, u coward, u have no say what happens in south africa, so dont fool urself by puttin that its how the soviet feels, i know a lot of ppl from the soviet and they r all behind the whites here and will join in to protect OUR country, so in future keep ur stupid remarks to urself, we dont need anymore cowards in south africa, the boere will rule again and i hope that STEVE HOFFMEYER will lead us to victory

  6. South African Says:

    Sounds to me like Steve is the white Malema. Very much the same, just on different poles.

  7. Breathing African air is a sacrifice? If the ANC is digging its own grave then let it go down by its own strength but if u r going 2 fan the flames of hatred, then u deserve 2 b burned along with it. …I guess its time malema had a white counterpart

    • “go down by its own strength”? No, you clearly don’t understand… How many whites will have to go down,before the ANC goes down.

      Its time to bring them down, and do it quickly…!!!

  8. While I do not approve of Malema’s sentiment, I think Steve has gove a bit overboard by displaying is indoctrinated, false notion of white supremacy. I challenge him to google up anything under “Contributions of Africans to Civilisation” or “Inventions by Africans”. It is known but has been suppressed by whites that there are many scientific inventions conveived by blacks even during the evil years of psychological torture of Africans. You cannot deny people opportunities to do research and later on say that they have not discovered anything. Any meaningful comparisons across race should not be to dull to consider circumstantial differences such as the withholding of research resources from blacks in the past. In fact, I for one think that I have a higher IQ than Steve given his shallow analysis of issues and the fact that I came out tops as an engineering student at a largely white university.

    • proud white south african female Says:

      what rock did u climb out from u fool, steve has every right to say exactly what he did, u black ppl think u have the right to murder and rape the whites just because our govt does nothing about it, well the boere will rise again and god help all of u barbarians, when it happens, the world no longer feel sorry for the blacks, they r now filled with disgust about how u have responded to being in power, they now see that eugene terre’blanche was right in what he said, KEEP THE WHITES IN POWER, OR OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY WILL BE RUINED, and u hae done just that, so please refrain from makin ur remarks as u r not showin how wise u r but rather how ignorant

  9. Maybe if some of our black South African brothers were prepared to publicly rebuke Malema it would give the rest of us confidence in the felowship that should exist in our country rather than this idiot trying to divide us!

    • The blacks in this country can’t stand up against the wrong, they are a very weak nation and are useless alone. Only worth something in a pack of thousands. If only they can stand up for what is right in Gods eyes we can be such a great country. They have been in power for more than 16 years and blame the whites more than ever because they see that their bright leaders has led them to more poverty,more coruption, more rape, show one thing that has improved sice 1994 just one thing, i can show you a list that has gone from bad to a total f#$%$@@##

  10. to all you idiots that have dissed Steve hofmeyer, fuck you and die. why the fuck should we just step back for julius. he has threatened the boere ppl and that includes me. i will not sit back and wait for julius fuckhead malema to become president when it is too late. open your eyes, he becomes president = zimbabwe. open your fuckin eyes

    • Wow how true is this not, totally agree with you, people think and open your eyes, look and look again for this is what will happen.

  11. There is one thing these mothrfuckers forgot we had intense war training in our past, we all had to go to the army, and it was a army not a union holliday camp. There is a big surprice waiting for them. We have been ready for more than 10 years. There are some of us that are in intense training for more than 3 years. We also have some of the most modern war fare that Africa can only dream of. They also forgot that the Boers kicked the ass of the most powerfull nation in the 1900’s. So don’t worry my white brothers there are more than 500000 of us that are well trained we can wipe them of the continent in 5 days. Trust me i know because we train them.

  12. Jackkiller Says:

    F@#k hackjack/malema/steve hofmeyr and all who think with their D!cks and not their brains. Whether white/black, S.A is in need of people who will build it not divide/destroy it..!!!

  13. Ek dink dat die verkeerde BOERE vir malema kwaad is. Malema bedoel nie plaasboere nie, hy bedoel die Boerevolk. Ons verstaan baie duidelik hoe hy voel. Gaan kyk maar op ons webblad die duisende witmense wat deur Malema en sy swart gemors vermoor is .Wat duidelik is is dat hulle lafhartig is want hulle sien net kans vir vroue en ou mense. Steve jy is op die regte pad , jy is nie soos hierdie ander SOGENAAMDE christene wat ons kinders op grootskaal vermoor het nie. ONS VOLK IS NIE IN 1994 VERSLAAN NIE , ONS IS VERSLAAN IN 1960 TOE VERWOERD ONS VROUE OP DIE PIL GESIT HET OM HUL GOEDKOOP ARBEID TE KON KRY NADAT HY EN DIE NP, DIE SWARTMENSE NA HUL TUISLANDE WEGGERY HET

  14. Die wimense huil oor 30000 mense wat deur die swart barbare dood gemaak is sedert1994, maar hulle sien nie die (8000000) agt miljoen WIT BABAS wat deur onsself verhoed was, vanaf 1960 ,om gebore te word deur die pil ,aborsie, kondome en die kerk se simpel siening oor seks en voortplanting na te volg nie .Steve het sy kinders grootgemaak en nie soos die ander die kinders in n kondoom in die toilet weggespoel nie

  15. laura van rensburg Says:

    steve ek stem saam met wat jy geskryf het
    dit het tyd geword dat ons blankevolk saam staan
    en kyk of ons die land kan red
    3 weke gelede is my beste vriendin 50 jaar oud op hulle plaas
    in die Uitenhage distrik vermoor
    die moordenaar was n 18 jarige plaaswerker seker een van Malema se
    jouth liga
    vandag is Eugene Terreblance vermoor weer deur n 16 en 18 jarige
    nogal vreemd hoe die moordenaars almal skielik so jonk is

  16. Good on you steve.
    Ek is n suid afrikanse indian en dankie want jy se precies wat ek dink.

    Ken jy die woorde in die liedjie sarie marei.

    “Bring ons terug na die ou transvaal“.

  17. Steve, is ther any way you can get more South African’s to see this letter, this is BRILLIANT! I’ts a pitty malema won’t understand a word you said. Steve, we are a lot more than you think behind you, do not stop! We can and WILL take this monkey out!

  18. Steve – DKI vir jou mannemoed om namens ons Malema op sy plek te sit. Ek het begrip vir jou wroegings m.b.t. jou godsdiens- en politiese oortuigings (jou boeke gelees) en is uiteraard een van jou grootste aanhangers. Malema het van voor af haatspraak en vyandiggesingheid onder veral die swart jeug opgewakker. Ons verneem reeds van intimidasie in die swart nedersettings hoewel die ouer garde nie sy dade en woorde en haatspraak goedkeur nie. Dankie vir jou optrede namens ons blankes wat nie die geleentheid het om by Eugene se begrafnis te kan wees nie. Jy het ons volle steun – JY STAAN VIR AFRIKAANS EN ALMAL WAT DIT ONDERSTEUN. Hou so aan!

  19. Tommy Lee Says:

    My South African brothers.

    The only reason you still in SA is because you too materialistic and too sentimental.
    Why do you choose to live behind huge walls, windows with bars, only shopping is done in malls, earning SARands, paying huge sums for Medical aid, sleepless days and nights wondering if your family is next in line to be savagely attacked.

    Let go and count your losses.
    Life has so many good things to offer.
    SA has, is and will continue to go down the toilet for the non black man…… so come on! Put some hustle behind that muscle. Get out of there!…..

    • hackjack Says:

      Tommy Lee this is the place to be. You think you beter of where you are you are going to get a big wake up call, and when thet happens it is jointers like you that will run back. We are the promised land. I think you should read the book about Siener van Rensburg. The country was given to us by God but we as a nation turned our backs on God so we are paying the price for it. There is a big group of afrikaaners turning back to God.

  20. Uitstekend Steve! Ons is trots op jou!

  21. I don’t like …. dogs.
    Please understand that I do not harm them, nor abuse them.
    I just don’t want dogs anywhere near me.

    When I was a tiny baby I loved dogs.
    I played with them.
    We had them in our house and my parents treated them well.
    They taught me to respect them and treat them well too.

    I thought all dogs were my friend.
    I could never understand how anyone could possibly dislike them.
    Or abuse them.

    Then when I was small, riding my bike along the road, a big dog bit me for no reason.
    I fell from my bike, screaming and crying.
    Shocked, bruised and hurt.
    Then I didn’t like dogs.

    My dad said not all dogs were like that.
    Not all were bad.
    Dogs were just like us.
    They just wanted a home and food and peace and love.
    Maybe someone had harmed that dog and it was a stupid dog and bit the small, weak offspring of someone else who had nothing to do with the person who had hurt the dog.
    Maybe it was a cowardly stupid dog.
    Don’t hate all dogs.

    So I stopped hating dogs.
    Though I didn’t like them as much as I used to.
    And I didn’t trust them as much.

    Then one day the phone rang and I heard my sister was in hospital.
    She was learning to be a nurse.
    She worked in a hospital with lots of dogs in it and one night a dog had attacked her.
    She liked dogs and worked to help them.
    She was in hospital with bruises and two black eyes.
    My parents said she was lucky to be alive.
    My parents said not all dogs were like that.
    I tried not to hate dogs.

    Then when I was older, a pack of dogs came to my house.
    They attacked us but my dad chased them away with his guns.
    My dad said not all dogs were like that.
    They had been driven mad by other poisonous dogs.
    They thought we had taken away their houses.
    That we had taken away their food.
    That we had killed their brothers and sisters.
    But my dad built our house, and grew our food, and never killed anything. Ever.
    He fed dogs and built them houses. He looked after dogs.
    Dogs were strange creatures.

    I tried not to hate all dogs.

    And as I grew, I knew all dogs were not bad.
    You just had to understand them.
    You had to treat them fairly and kindly.
    But don’t trust them.
    And that is how it was.

    Then one day a pack of dogs killed my boyfriend.
    He was trying to save a dog that they had attacked,
    They turned on him and killed him.
    I didn’t like dogs then.

    That same pack of dogs had attacked other people.
    They killed some of my friends.
    Kids that I had grown up with.

    I wanted to eliminate all dogs from the planet.
    My dad said not all dogs were like that.
    They weren’t all bad.
    They just didn’t understand us.
    And we didn’t understand them.

    Then I was grown, and my dad was gone.
    And I tried to understand dogs.
    But I didn’t want them anywhere near me.
    I wanted them to live far away from me and leave me alone.

    But other people who didn’t live near dogs told me that the dogs lived here first.
    I didn’t know that.
    I thought we all came from here originally.
    The other people said that it was my fault the dogs hated people.
    So I left my home and let the dogs have it.

    Then one day the phone rang and my brother told me that my favourite Aunty had died.
    She had been attacked by two dogs that had gone into her house.
    My Aunty was very old. And she was nearly blind.
    And she had looked after dogs her whole life, and she liked them, and trusted them.
    She also used to say that not all dogs are like that.

    But they are.
    Underneath. They all are.
    I don’t like dogs.

    If you could understand why I don’t like dogs… why can’t you understand why I am a racist?
    By Blade

  22. Michael P Says:

    Its very simple, Steve stands up for what is right, you cant have a semi literate, non tax paying(fact) little man agitate and make statements under the banner of the ruling party. Steve is not causing Kuk, just stopping what can so easily get out of hand.
    What struggle is the little moron Malema still fighting??????????? Fight poverty, crime, bad service, bad education system(he is walking proof of it) stuff that takes a country forward. The only thing this little spoiltbrat is doing, is trying to deflect attention from the responsiblities the Govt is failing to deal with.
    Is it cause of whites that black mothers/kids and black blind people are on every street corner begging. Is it cause of the Afrikaaners that the absolutely first world infrastructure( roads etc) are slowly going backwards?
    Its absolutely bullshit the stuff that blacks are allowed to get away with and whites are just so scared or politically sensitive to call a spade a spade.
    One white Moron(Skielik shooter looses his mind) and its Racist, but thousands, yes thousands of whites are murdered, raped, beaten up every year and the Black police chiefs always say crime is crime. Bullshit!!!!
    I honestly think, its been proven that when things are allowed to be in this country they become ireversible and an ongoing problem. Taxis, hawkers, car guards, beggers, crime. All by some weird co-incidence black.( Yes yes i know only Malema is allowed to use colour to describe stuff. I accept that i am now a white bastard for stating facts). If non blacks dont start putting their foot down and taking action and that doesnt mean immigrating as 1 million have already left and the Govt doesnt give a dam. I mean stop giving charity every day to what has been proven to be 65% of people who support the ANC. Stop supporting anything that doesnt help white people who are openly discriminated against, when it comes to jobs in both the private and Govt sector. Why the F do we continue to accept, what is blatant racism.

    All things being equal, we deserve what we get and if more people had Steves approach, these guys would maybe(with these revolutioneries you never know) wake up. I truly hope and i mean this that the “Boere” show these guys that we gave up the country, yes gave it up, we werent forced to. Now stick stick to the rules as agreed on in 1993 or you will start getting hurt in many ways.

    Steve you are a true HERO and you have my absolute respect and admiration.

  23. I always knew that all whites are racist. No doubt. There’s nothing like new South Africa with rainbow nations. Vava Julius Malema Viva. You have managed to expose the wolf (hidden) in sheep skin. Now we need revenge for apartheid.

  24. Majestic Says:

    Wow Steve, i guess you are perfect! Have nothing agaist your view here, common knowledge that Juju is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but dont you think is irresponsibl of you to invoke racist emotions this way. Which, according to the responses here, seems to be whats happening.
    Julius is one man, yet you make him out to be the epitomy of a black man. Imagine how it would be like if everybody painted ET as the “white man” or even worse, YOU!!
    As much as you are extending your finger pointing at Julius, three are pointing right back at you! You are not doing anybody any favours by this sort of thing except filling people with hate!! I dont got a problem with anybody white, black, whatever. But i must say after reading some of the comments here, im starting to have a big proble with you people!!! might write me a poem about hating pigs too

  25. marli botha Says:

    Steve jou toespraak was fantasties!! Ons is baie trots op jou en ons gaan vir Eugene baie mis

  26. Ek wil net sê dankie Steve, die mense wat so uitvaar oor jou persoonlike lewe moet bietjie by kom en ook wys wat in hulle steek en ook soos jy op te staan vir ons land en sy mense soos teen Julius Malema .
    Maar hulle sit liewers en kritiseer ons mense se doen en late wat niks met hulle te doen het nie.
    Ek wil vir hulle almal se julle is almal net jaloers op hom hy is ‘n man wat sy sê, sê en sy ding doen los sy pravaat lewe uit en staan liewes op vir julle land dan sal julle ook meskien iewers kom in julle eentoonige skinder lewe.
    Jy maak ons net meer en meer trots op jou hou so aan jy gaan dit nog verder bring en jy is ‘n voorbeeld vir ons land se sussie mans.

  27. Brenda Geldenhuys Says:

    Ag Steve, ek wens regtig julle wil hom uitlos. Ek het amper iets oorgekom toe my seun, Lee Geldenhuys (AWB Jeugleier) hom in die Sondag koerant uitgedaag het. Los hom uit – hy sal homself hang.


    Brenda Geldenhuys

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