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[Video] David Duke: White Genocide in South Africa

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drdduke — April 29, 2010 —

Suitable for all viewers. This video concerns Genocide against the White farmers, Graphic scenes have been sanitized so it is no more graphic than a typical TV news broadcast.

How White people are facing an ongoing genocide in South Africa and the vital need for people all over the world to raise their voice to stop this Genocide.

The world was told that the White Government in South Africa was evil. Yet, the White people made a great nation and Black people thrived and prospered there. Far from genocide, Blacks came from all over Africa to enjoy the prosperity, medical care, education, and relative freedom that the White people created there.

If the world could boycott South Africa for having separate racial development should it not boycott the South African Government for the genocide going on against White people in that country today.

Boycott the World Cup

Source:DrDuke Youtube channel


Legless cows were worth R200 000

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April 29 2010 at 08:35AM
By Alex Campbell

Twenty-five stolen cattle were found with their legs slashed, unable to walk and needing to be euthanised, 25km from their farm south of Joburg.

The cows were lying in tall grass in Lawley, near Lenasia, police said.

They had panga-style gashes above their knees, said Colonel Johan Scott, provincial co-ordinator for stock theft policing. Five of them were calves.

The 25 crippled cows and 65 others were reported stolen to the police early yesterday. Fifty-seven of the cows were retrieved unscathed and eight are still missing.

Jaco Taute, who owns the cattle, watched as workers dragged the crippled stock onto an Isuzu pickup truck so that they could be taken to be slaughtered. One bull tried to run away but was reduced to crawling on its knees.

“This is plain cruelty,” said Taute, who runs a farm in Elandsfontein called Aeterno Investments. He said he now wondered whether he should continue running his farm, which his father bought 20 years ago.

“The suffering these cows must go through – it’s not worth it.” The mutilated cattle were worth R200 000.

Police and farmers said this was part of a spate of stock theft, allegedly by Lesotho nationals who live in squatter camps in Lenasia and Lawley.

Lesotho was identified in December as a hotspot for stock theft in southern Africa.

“They cut (the cows) into portions and then they sell the meat to squatter camp dwellers,” said Warrant Officer Seremi Sello, who is with the Stock Theft Unit based in Vereeniging.

There have been around 15 cases of theft in Gauteng in the two years since the Stock Theft Unit began, Sello added.

Farmer Sarel Cilliers, 41, said he had to close down his 362-hectare farm in Jachfontein after losing nearly R1 million in cattle and about 160 sheep to stock theft during the past year.

Thefts happened almost every week, Cilliers said. He had bought electric fences and lights to keep the thieves away.

“Nothing helped. Nothing.”

Cilliers plans to continue living on the farm, but will operate an electrical business instead of farming.

Police are offering a R50 000 reward for any information leading to arrests. Witnesses can call 071 603 9032.

This article was originally published on page 6 of The Star on April 29, 2010


Black Racists vow to “Rape and Kill” White World cup fans

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Apr 27, 2010

Supporters of white supremacist Terreblanche protest yesterday as his alleged killers appear in court.

A VILE Facebook campaign to incite race hate ahead of the World Cup in South Africa in June is being investigated by police.

The official probe was launched into a group set up by alleged supporters of firebrand politician Julius Malema.

One entry, emailed to football fans around the world, calls for the “rape and slaughter” of whites and the murder of President Jacob Zuma.

In a chilling message a Malema “fan” called Thato Mbateti Mbateti warns: “Every trespasser, namely white whores, we will rape them and kill them… White kids will be burned.”

The campaign comes amid growing tensions in South Africa after the murder of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche.

Yesterday angry crowds clashed outside a court in Ventersdorp, near Johannesburg, as two black farm workers, aged 15 and 21, appeared accused of killing the 69-year-old who had campaigned for all-white states within South Africa.

Bitter memories of the apartheid era were evoked when 2,000 people gathered and police used razor wire to separate the factions. The case was adjourned until next week.

South African leaders, including President Zuma, have called for calm after the killing of Terreblanche. But right-wing fanatics have vowed vengeance.

Malema, who leads the youth wing of Zuma’s African National Congress party, was reportedly under police guard after alleged death threats against him. The Facebook page, which attracted more than 15,000 followers, has been shut down. Malema and the ANCYL insisted it was not an official supporters’ page.

Lawrence Schlemmer, vice president of the South African Institute of Race Relations, said: “There is no reason why these things, as tragic as they are, should affect the safety of fans or players at the World Cup. The World Cup and sport, as it is supposed to, channels passions and reconciles conflict.”

The article has appeared on but they have deleted it so the article is now available only on Google Cache and in the following screenshot.

UPDATE: probably realised it was lame to remove their article so they have added it back again. Here’s the source link.

Source:EU Times

Boy ‘pray-phones’ murdered dad

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2010-04-29 22:34
Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria – “I hope you’re happy, Daddy, and that you’re nice and warm.”

That’s how 8-year-old Dirk Human jnr prayed for his murdered father, also named Dirk, on Wednesday evening.

Dirk’s mother told him about the death of his father when he came home from school on Wednesday afternoon.

“I told Dirk that robbers came into the house and that his daddy was badly hurt, so hurt that he went to heaven and won’t come back,” his mother, Youlanda Human, 37, said on Thursday.

On the night of the murder Dirk jnr anxiously told his mother that he wants to phone his dad but doesn’t know his cellphone number.

When she told Dirk that he can’t phone him, he asked if he could “pray-phone” his dad. Then they prayed.

“Later, he asked me if his daddy is also in his heart like Jesus is.”

‘Tsotsis’ in the house

On Wednesday at about 07:30, shortly after dropping Dirk off at school, Youlanda raced back to their house on a smallholding in Mooiplaats, in the east of Pretoria.

Her domestic worker’s husband had phoned her to say there were “tsotsis” in the house.

When she arrived at home, members of the local neighbourhood watch and paramedics were already there. The paramedics were battling to save her husband’s life.

Her husband was severely assaulted when an unknown number of criminals attacked him and their domestic worker, Lettie Lebina.

Lebina was locked in a room while the criminals assaulted and presumably stabbed him in the face with a sharp object.

‘I can still see his face’

The couple’s youngest son, 2-year-old Jake, was sitting calmly in his cot while the criminals assaulted his father.

While the paramedics were busy with her husband, Youlanda held his hand, talked to him and prayed. He was pronounced dead at approximately 08:20.

While she held his hand, she kept thinking that he can’t die yet because, a few months ago, he’d started a journey with God and she believed he still had work to do on earth.

“I just hoped there would be a heartbeat or something, because he had so much to live for.

“I can still see his face before me, how he was lying there. I can feel his blood in my hands.”

– Beeld


Horrible crimes

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by Ian Rhodes
2010-04-29 09:51

Dear Editor,

Just when I think that the criminal element cannot become any more barbaric in the perpetration of their crimes I find to my even greater horror that I was wrong.

The tableau of horror just seems to expand even more with a tiny baby and her minder being mercilessly beaten to near death, another baby watching from a cot as it’s father bleeds to death on the floor next to him, twenty five defenceless animals having their legs hacked off and allowed to die in agony, a young boy being set on fire by school bullies, and so it goes on!

What has become of our society and where will this all end? Or have we just reached a stage in our so called evolution where we revert to becoming unthinking, uncaring, barbarians with no conscience driven by sex, drugs and greed?

Is it that the actions of the criminal element will just escalate, each outdoing the other in the violence used, with there being no real accountability for wrongdoing until we find ourselves in absolute hell on earth?

If we do not stop and take stock of what is happening in this country, and take immediate and positive steps to eradicate this plague, I fear there is little or no hope for us.

Ian Rhodes

25 beeste se bene afgekap

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2010-04-28 16:10

Johannesburg – Sowat 25 beeste wat in Elandsfontein gesteel is, is in Lawely gevind met hulle bene afgekap, het die polisie Woensdag gesê.

Die beeste was almal vrek.

Volgens kapt. Mbulaheni Netshivhodza, polisiewoordvoerder, was die beeste deel van ‘n trop van sowat 90 wat Dinsdagaand gesteel is.

Die eienaar van die beeste het van die diefstal verneem nadat hy ‘n anonieme oproep ontvang het wat gesê het dat hy die beeste in Lawley sal vind.

Volgens Netshivhodza is sowat 33 beeste lewend buite Lawley opgespoor.

“Hulle het later op sowat 25 beeste afgekom wat se bene afgekap is. Nog beeste is later gevind,” het hy gesê.

Niemand is nog in verband met die voorval in hegtenis geneem nie.

– Sapa


Moorde speelbal in die politiek

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deur J. de Ridder
2010-04-29 21:44

Plaasmoorde het sedert 1994 baie toegeneem. In 1997 was dit reeds so erg dat in die “Vrede Express” van 17 Oktober 1997, berig is dat ’n ondersoek en veiligheidsplan aangekondig is.

Ook ’n ondersoek deur die intelligensiegemeenskap na die oorsaak van die moorde op boere, ’n veiligheidsplan vir landelike gebiede en ’n skerp veroordeling van die moorde deur pres. Nelson Mandela.

Daar is berig dit is wat die Suid-Afrikaanse Landbou-unie (Salu) “gister” in sy gesprek met Mandela oor die vlaag moorde op boere gekry het.

Hy het nie die boere se eis om ’n geregtelike kommissie van ondersoek na die moorde toegestaan nie, maar nie die moontlikheid uitgesluit nie dat dit later kan gebeur as die huidige ondersoek toon dat dit nodig is. Die intelligensiegemeenskap moet die verdagtes opspoor en vasstel of ’n spesifieke organisasie of individu vir die moorde aanspreeklik is. En nou sestien jaar later?

Die afgelope dertien jaar het moorde op boere eerder toegeneem. Eugene Terre’Blanche was nommer 3 368. Dis nog nie die einde van die bloedbad nie.

Dis ’n volksmoord. Daadwerklike optrede is nou dringend nodig. Daar moet ’n onpartydige geregtelike kommissie van ondersoek na moorde op boere en misdaad in die algemeen kom, om die organisasie of individu wat dit aanstig aan die kaak te stel en daadwerklik op te tree om ’n einde daaraan te maak.

Om die moorde op boere ’n politieke speelbal te maak, is verregaande en die regering moet nou tot verantwoording geroep word om sy onderdane se veiligheid te waarborg.

Dit is sy plig om reg en geregtigheid te handhaaf. Sy meerderheid by stembus gee hom nie die reg om sy plig te versuim nie.

Met die moord, verkragtings en misdaad in Suid-Afrika, is die vraag of menseregte dan net misdadigers geld.

Ek is so teleurgesteld in die nuwe Suid-Afrika. Demokrasie, wat beteken dit? Ek het geen vertroue daarin nie.

J. de Ridder

Montana-aftreeoord 48, Montana