"Kill the Boer" video evidence

Video 1: Malema defies court ruling

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.

DDispatchOnline: ANCYL president Julius Malema has defied a court ruling and has sung the revolutionary song ‘Kill the Boer’ with a twist at the OR Tambo regions elective conference held in Mthatha on Thursday.

However, the youth leader made some adjustments to the lyrics and sang ‘Dubula ibhunu (Shoot the Boer)’ and then ‘Kiss the Boer’.
DispatchOnlines Sino Majangaza captured the ANCYL leader in song.

Video 2: The Songs They Sing – Highlight: Kill The Boers The Racists

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.
In this clip blacks sing about killing the Boers or white Afrikaner people of South Africa. No wonder it is open season on white people in South Africa.

Video 3: Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.
Nelson Mandela sings with his communist comrades about killing white people.

For decades the ANC propagated this extreme hatred towards the white minority of South Africa. Has this contributed to the extreme violence being perpetrated against the white minority of South Africa today?



4 Responses to “"Kill the Boer" video evidence”

  1. If you kill the Boers WHO WILL FEED THE MONKEYS ?????????

  2. If they kill the farmers – WHO IS GOING TO FEED THE MONKEYS ????

  3. Yo you fucking racist peter, who u calling monkeys? white shit kmt! its people like you who have to learn the HARD way, trust me, you will get caught out soon. peace

  4. Henrik A Says:

    Hello, is there any better translation of what is actually said in the Mandela-song? Preferably the whole song written in xhosa, or whatever the language is called, and the whole song in english… Just to be sure what is actually sang…

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