Afrikaners op mars na vryheid

“Ons is ‘n volk, dis ons grond met bloed gekoop”
“Afrikaners op mars na vryheid”
“Die vark in die verhaal is F.W de Klerk”


One Response to “Afrikaners op mars na vryheid”

  1. It seems that directely after oom Eugene’s (RIP) death all the people fed up with crime and the white genocide al had something to say and was ready to take back South Africa from the criminals and the scanky politicians…

    Now that oom Eugene (RIP) have been forgotten about, we carry on in the same old boat floating down the river waiting to be rescued…by whom I don’t know as not even the FF+ seems to be interested in putting up a fight.

    Without preaching fear, hate, violence, or war, lets make sure the goverment understands that we are fed up with crime, and are going to start taking the law into our own hands if they are unable to protect us.


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